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Soccer AM show review
5th March 2005

Fans of the week
Coventry City
Phil Babb - Ex Republic of Ireland Defender
Liam Lawrence - Sunderland
The Bravery - American Soft Rock Band
We are the Champions League
Coventry City fans score 4, all the guests fail.
Crossbar Challenge
Walsall Defender Ryan Willitts hits the bar.
St Helen's Sean Long powers to 100!
Things of great note:

Tim scores the basket.

Neil ordered the vegetarian option in the Soccer AM private box at the Carling Cup final, he then fell asleep during the match.

Tim and Helen have an old Skool Covvee-Break in honour of their fans of the week.

We are shown a film on the progress of the new Wembley stadium.

This weeks Pools News featured the 'Wave Machine'

Liam Lawrence had to wear jeans purchased from a local Tesco store as the Sunderland physio had stolen his own jeans from his kitbag at last nights game.

If that wasn't enough, his team-mate Sean Thornton phoned up the show and got many digs in. Speaking about naked pictures on his phone, and how Liam is planning a £3000 nose job.

This weeks Taxi was for Delia.

Phil Babb took 102 attempts at the 10 Yard Bucket Challenge before giving up as it was too cold.

Two bouts of CCTV showed Rocket kissing both a lady and then a man!

The Bravery picked Wolves out of a hat full of the 92 professional league teams, that is the team they now follow.

The end credits featured:
Dog handlers - Scags and Peter Andre

This weeks flashing picture was of some sausages.

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