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Soccer AM show review
26th February 2005

Fans of the week
West Brom
Dougie Anderson - Formerly of RI:SE fame
Todd Carty - Gabriel Kent from the Bill
Nicholas Burns - Channels 4's Nathan Barley
We are the Champions League
West Brom fans score 5, the three guests all fail
Crossbar Challenge
Port Vale - Both defender Sam Collins and Midfielder Michael Cummins hit the bar.
The Legendary Mickey Thomas produces 65 genuine press-ups.
Things of great note:

Tim scores the basket from a seated position.

Tim begins to describe good things in football as 'Wizard'

We discover that Robbie Knox was stood up by a girl, her excuse was that her dog ate her sim card.

Sheephead was not very happy that in the 2 weeks he was away, the Topless Weather map set had been refurbished and his sink ripped out.

Tim reminds us that he is still undefeated in the boxing ring.

Sky Sports is a public service and happily showed us the missing 41 seconds from the Everton vs Manchester United FA Cup tie that the BBC replaced with snooker.

Todd Carty made his hat-trick appearance on the show.

In this weeks wrestling action, the red wrestler hit a sick clothesline on the blue guy and followed it up with a big splash off a park bench.

Don Hutchinson took only 4 attempts at the 10 Yard Bucket Challenge.

This weeks flashing picture was of a sieve.

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