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Soccer AM show review
19th February 2005

Fans of the week
Nottingham Forest
Damian Francis - Norwich City
Andy Whyment - Kirk from Coronation Street
Barry, Ross and Jaff - The Futureheads
We are the Champions League
Nottingham Forest score 2, Damian Francis is the first guest in over a month to score!
Crossbar Challenge
No team took the challenge this week.
Swansea City's Lee Trundle produces 76
Things of great note:

Tim scores the basket.

Rocket thought that Franz Ferdinand was an ex-footballer.

This weeks bottom was Helen's

Colonel and Ginger are in a pub watching Soccer AM
The Colonel mocks Lovejoy for using facts about submarines as Saturday morning entertainment.
The Colonel wants to know what Submarines have that they don't. Ginger likes the idea of sharing a bunk with another person on a submarine.

A new comedy segment featuring Robbie Knox delivering Pools news at a local swimming pool was aired.

With 5 penalty misses in the Sheffield United Vs West Ham F.A Cup tie, the popular Lovejoy feature returned!

Jamie Scowcroft of Leicester City retired after 98 attempts at the 10 yard bucket challenge.

Backstage the crew claim that last weeks main gag drew the biggest laughs in months due to Sheepheads absence.
However, this weeks gag doesn't go as well and Tim begins to chant Sheepheads name and vows to give him a payrise when he returns!

Shovell was at Highbury giving his predictions on the lunchtime F.A Cup tie between Arsenal and Sheffield United, he was being stalked by both a steward and a st johns ambulance man during the interview, both of which turned out to be Chris Kamara is disguise.

This weeks flashing picture was of the inside of a church/cathedral

This weeks credits featured:
Robbie Knox's voice by - A freak of nature.
Bouncebackability - Robbie Knox
Couch Potato - Sheephead
Sheephead (AWOL)

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