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Soccer AM show review
12th February 2005

Fans of the week
Hull City
Peter Beagrie - Scunthorpe United
Paul Gascoigne - England footballing icon
Patrick McGuinness - Paddy from C4's Max and Paddy
We are the Champions League
Hull City score 4, yet again all the guests fail.
Crossbar Challenge
Sunderland - McCarthys men all fail.
Leicester City's Jordan Stewart pulls out 78
Things of great note:

Tim misses his shot at the basket, "It stunk" said Helen

Scagnelli had dance lessons before this years Soccer AM dance off and he was still rubbish!

We learn of the showboating dog at Torquay.

It was the Topless Weather roadshow this week, as Sheephead was on Paternity leave due to the birth of his son George, so the weather was forecast from the Youri Djorkaeff gardens.

This weeks 'Something for the ladies' was Harvey with a vacuum cleaner.

This weeks bottom was Fenners, his pants had a sweat stain.

Soccer AM presented a Valentines buying guide to help all the men. The gifts were of a household domestic nature. "Practical items are best" said Tim.

A Noel Whelan goal for Coventry was shown amongst the Premiership best goals of the week.

Gazza came unstuck when trying to score barefooted in the car park against Buffon.

This weeks flashing picture was of a hand with a big ring.

Backstage before the main gag, Fenners announces that he's been carrying Sheephead for the past 6 months.

Steve takes Sheepheads place in the main gag and does a pretty good job,
"Sheephead who?" said Tim at the end.

The following were credited to Sheephead on the end credits:
Lazy Skiver
Idle Northerner
Easy Life
I'm on holiday and having a laugh sat at home with a beer in my hand watching you mugs do your work.

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