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Soccer AM show review
22nd January 2005

Fans of the week
Sheffield Wednesday
Phil Tufnell - Ex England Cricketer
James Redmond - Casualty's Abs
Simon Jordan - Crystal Palace Chairman
Terry Hall - The Specials
We are the Champions League
Sheffield Wednesday score 1
Crossbar Challenge
Premiership Referees - Stick to the day job!
Boxer Ricky Hatton makes it look easy as he manages a HUGE 82 in sixty seconds.
Things of great note:

Helen guards the basket and Tim misses.

Robbie Knox occasionally wears eye-liner on a night out.

Today's bottom was Tubes.
His big white pants supposedly had a brown stain.

Kevin Phillips cleaned the boots of Alan Shearer during his role as YT at Southampton.

Some potentially great new comedy characters have been formed in the shape of the F.A 'Big Wigs'

Spurs Simon Davies takes 38 attempts in the 10 Yard Bucket challenge.

During the best Premiership goals of the week, a goal by Jurgen Klinsmann is shown.

James Redmond fails to get £5 from Tim having revealed a white t-shirt reading 'Lovejoy is a sit com'

The wrestlers are getting more daring in there moves.
Last week the red wrestler delivered an axe handle from off the top of a wall, this week he dropkicks the lower back of the Blue wrestler.

This weeks main gag featured Fenners and Sheephead dressed as opposing Aussie rules footballers. There were many fights throughout the sketch, Tim got caught up in one of them and genuinely got punched in the face by Fenners.

This week marks the third anniversary of the Frank MacAvennie Car Park

This weeks flashing picture is of an England international player from the late 70's early 80's, his identity is unknown.

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