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Soccer AM show review
15th January 2005

Fans of the week
Grimsby Town
Danny Tiatto - Leicester City
Mark Butcher - England Cricketer
Chris Bissen & Dean Lennox Kelly - C4's Shameless
We are the Champions League
Grimsby Town score 3
Crossbar Challenge
Coventry City - All the Sky Blues fail.
Premiership Referee Mark Halsey manages a surprising 70!
Things of great note:

Tim misses his shot at the basket.

Despite being nearly 30 years old, crew member Chris still lives at home with his parents.

For the first time in three seasons, the Scottish table returns to Soccer AM!

Steve Macmanamn cleaned the boots of John Barnes during his role as YT at Liverpool.

Watford captain Neil Cox only took 2 attempts to get the ball in the bucket during the 10 yard bucket challenge.

Todays bottom was Robbie Knox.

Tim called a press conference where he announced he is putting another £100 in the 'Tim Lovejoy Legend' fund. However, he says he feels rather uncomfortable with the tag of Legend, he would much rather be called 'The Handsome Legend'

Rocket's Hillbilly accent turns into an Austrailian one and he subsequently dies on screen.

This weeks flashing picture is a flock of black birds

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