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Soccer AM show review
8th January 2005

Fans of the week
Stoke City
Danny Young - Coronation Street's Warren Baldwin
Phil Taylor - 12x PDC World Darts Champion
We are the Champions League
Stoke City score 6
Crossbar Challenge
Scunthorpe United - Goalkeeper Tom Evans hits it.
QPR's Gareth Ainsworth completes a huge 77!
Things of great note:

Under pressure from the crew, But Tim still manages to score the basket.

It is a windy day and Health and Safety have not allowed anything to be set up in the car park.

Rocket has had to be tied up and put in a cupboard over fears that if he goes outside he could get blown away, hit someone and cause a nasty injury.

Luke thinks he looks like Sean Penn

The Weather Police wouldn' allow for Sheephead's weather map to be put up.

Tim gives away many more £5 notes to people who had 'Lovejoy is a Legend' signs shown on television.

Baby Elvis was in the studio dancing to Jailhouse Rock

Rocket is shown wearing purple pants with orange trim.

Carlton Cole cleaned the boots of Celestine Babayaro during his role as YT at Chelsea.

Robbie Knox was dressed as a woman and escorted Phil Taylor into the studio.
The Stoke fans attacked the poor blonde lady.

Steve Staunton took 28 attempts at the 10 Yard Bucket Challenge.

New Pearl Heenan diving clips were shown as she ventures to an outdoor pool and performs for some children.

Soccer AM create their own version of the crazy frog ring tone. £50 per minute or £5 per text to get it!

This weeks flashing picture is of a Sunny Hotel/Swimming Pool.

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