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Soccer Am images Saturday 18th September 2004

Someone very familiar features on the
frontcover of Cornish World
Tim Lovejoy finds it hard to make his fans
disbelieve that it is him!
The mild homosexual fun from Crew Cast!
Rocket - The number one dummie of the week
John Dyson wearing a Puma t-shirt that you
can buy on the internet for about £5!
Swansea's Lee Trundle wearing the
o so manly colour of pink.

Lyon made his first appearance of the season,
as did Sonia from EastEnders
Steve and Alan, the SAS experts tried to make
the hammers fan "stay down" and "don't move!"
The Soccerette, her name doesn't matter!
Tim finds himself in the familiar position of
being on his knees, this time it's because a
crew member lobbed a ball into his goin area.
But which of his faithful employees
carried out the cowardly act?
The sexy Robbie Knox wearing a rather lovely GLC t-shirt.
I wonder if it's available in green!
Robbie prepares to impress us
by completing 30 press-ups

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