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Soccer Am images Saturday 9th October 2004

A sexy blonde, and Helen Chamberlain
The colour co-ordination in this shot is awful!
Yet more facial surgery for Randy Wakeman
who is obviously a fan of Horse teeth.
Stan the Man was back on form this week.
Elton joins David and Donatella
for a round of Pina Coladas
Elton looks a lot like crew member Toby
who has supposedly moved to Austrailia

Tim during his press-conference regarding being sizist.
Customs and Excise were in
Gillingham's Darren Byfield is a crossbar challenge winner!
Jamilia will love wearing this in bed as a nightie
Helen inspects the damage caused by mother nature
Sheephead is distraught.
Sheeps' gives a post-death interview
about his lovely sink
Luke earns back some respectability
by achieving 51 press-ups

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