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Fixtures Man website creativity earns a spot on Soccer AM !!!!!!!!!!!
With Valentines day approaching, we wanted to create something that would stand a chance of being shown by Fixtures Man, Having seen over Christmas that people sent in ordinary cards, we expected the same to happen for Valentines day.
We decided that the best way to get exposure was to MAKE our own original card.
Basing the design on a shed, and writing a poem specifically to Fixtures Man.
We signed the card from Tammy Greening, Tammy being the name of the websites trusty dog. If we had written the card was from the fixtures man website, there would have been no way they would have read it out.
Saturday the 14th arrived, we were glued infront of the television, waiting to see if we had been sucessful in our bid. The Fixtures Man segment aired and he didn't show any cards. Our hearts sunk, our hard work and creativity down the drain.
However, the following week, Fixtures Man showed the card to the nation, in what was the main focus of the whole segment. The crew along with Tim and Helen were very amused with our creation,
Tim Lovejoy said he wanted to see'Tammy Greening' as the stranger on the sofa.
Tammy the dog is still awaiting her invite!

What better than a themed card! A picture of a deluxe shed using a heart layer mask with a green edge! Sheer brilliance!
A genius idea was to write a poem that was related to Fixtures Man. The icing on the cake would have been for it to have been read out!
Here is the wonderful Tammy, she's the one who is in love with Fixtures Man, she's very skilled at using photoshop!
When Tammy's brother Milo heard she was going to have fame on the website, he demanded to have his picture shown too!
The A4 brown envelope which was marked
private and confidential!

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