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David Beckham Instinct fragrance.

On the 14th of November 2005, Coty International launched a new mens fragrance endorsed by Real Madrid and England star David Beckham. Soccer AM sent Rocket to test out this new fragrance on the streets to see if the ladies find it appealing.
Called David Beckham Instinct, the eau de toilette contains "top notes" of bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin leaf, "heart notes" of cardamon seeds, red pimento and star anise, and "base notes" of white amber and patchouli.

Coty describes it as having "a personality both unconventional and uncompromising& that reinvents the codes of elegant masculinity."

This isn't the first time that Coty Beauty International has used a celebrity to sell their products, The New York-based company has previously used singer Jennifer Lopez and Sex in the City Star Sarah Jessica Parker to endorse a whole family of fragrances.

The fragrance will retail for £15 ( for the 30ml bottle and £30 for the 75 ml bottle)
and is set to be sold exclusively in Superdrug stores, although you will also find it for sale on the internet.

Taking it to the streets.
Soccer AM sent Rocket to the highstreet armed with the new fragrance.
Here's the results:
The lady on the right said that the scent was 'not bad, but she didn't think it made Rocket any more attractive for wearing it.   This blonde middle-aged woman said the scent was 'very nice' but didn't find Rocket attractive because of the smell.
The woman on the right thinks the scent does help make Rocket more attractive.   "Smells very good, I like it" said the man who blatently fancied Rocket regardless if he was wearing the aftershave or not!
"Mmm, not bad" says the atttractive young lady, she accepts Rocket's mobile phone number, before announcing that her boyfriend will kill her for doing so!   "Put on a bit more and maybe I'll fancy you" said the foreign lady
"Makes you more appealing to other people" says the girl on the right, "Appealing enough to take my phone number?" Rocket asks in return. The girl accepts.  


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