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Wednesday 30th June2004 webmaster suffers vicious attack
Live on Sky Sports!

Staff and Fans of the Socceramworld website went on an outing to the County Ground, Hove, to watch the Sussex Sharks vs Durham Dynamos in the totesport league division 2 match. It was a 45 over day/night affair. The group provided the only vocal support in the whole ground, Sir Scott McCarthy took an Airhorn along to sound any time Sussex hit a boundary, reached any significant number of runs or at the fall of a Durham wicket,
With the game going out Live on Sky Sports One, McCarthy performed many funny sequences of hooting to amuse the viewers at home.
During the Second Innings, a mobile cameraman made his way over to the group, and took a good look at the 'sussex by the sea' england flag and all the crazy blue and white hats, On returning from a commercial break, footage of the group went on air, when out from nowhere, a crazed Gorilla appeared and attacked the Webmaster Mr Peter Chapman.
Mr Chapman was taken to a local medical facility where he was treated for deep slash marks and bites.
The Gorilla escaped capture and is liable to strike again.

Peter Chapman and gorilla live on sky sports

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